Top 10 Antivirus Solutions For Android

Android devices are becoming so popular nowadays, that they are little by little replacing Pcs in many aspects of our lives. They are cheaper, have the same functionality, and no doubt, they are more compact. That is why, writing viruses and, accordingly, antiviruses for them is becoming more and more profitable. And you shall not hope that your device is protected just because it is Android. Yes, it is protected from viruses, if you do not abuse the internet and dangerous downloads, but what about malware? These things and many others you shall consider, when deciding whether to protect your Android device, or not, and when selecting a security product.
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Top 10 Antivirus Solutions For Android

Do I need an antivirus if I use Android device?

Android platform is becoming increasingly popular due to the simple fact that Android smartphones and tablets are little by little replacing computers. They are lighter, smaller and still, their functionality is not worse, and in some cases even much better than of the one of a PC. Hence, more and more users select rather a smartphone or a tablet. Also, the price plays its role. Normally, a smartphone is not as expensive as a computer, the same is valid for a tablet.

That is why, hackers and cybercriminals paid their attention to Android devices, as it became rather profitable to develop viruses and malware for them, too. And due to the fact, that Android users are used not to pay too much attention to the security, in some cases, developing a new virus for Android may bring more results, than a new virus for a PC.

That is why, security issue is more actual for those who use Android, is much more urgent, than it was even some years ago.

Some users still believe that, say, a smartphone, working on Android platform, doesn’t need any protection, if a user downloads applications only from reliable sources, or if the user doesn’t apply any external SD card. Yes, they agree, that viruses exist, but only for those, who downloads all of without checking if the material is infected, or not. Moreover, they claim, that losing some files or photos because of a virus activity is of course not very pleasant, but the same can happen if you drop your phone in water or damage otherwise.

But really, have you ever thought if your Android device can be infected? Well, not with a virus, that is for sure. Why?

All is more than simple. All Android devices work based on the sandbox technology. This technology doesn’t allow a virus copying itself without the administrator knowing about it. Basically, any change needs admin approval, and of course, you would not approve a virus replicating itself in your phone. But this is the main activity of the virus, its life style. Hence, your device is very well protected from all kind of viruses.

Then, why I need any antivirus product? – you may think. Well, but not only viruses are threatening your device and all information stored in it. There are plenty other things, like malware, phishing websites and pages, spyware, exploits and many other kind of threats. Moreover, all of them aren’t less dangerous, than a virus, and some can even lead to much more serious consequences.

That is why, many users prefer to keep the device protected. Moreover, it is not difficult and not expensive at all, as there are plenty of free antivirus products for Android. And those that are paid, offer a good trial period, so it is possible to evaluate their performance and to check whether they are the thing you really need.
It is also quite misleading, that many companies – developers of antivirus solutions, still stick to the term “antivirus”, while in their products they include antivirus solution, antimalware protection, and for mobile devices is also anti-theft protection preferable, even mandatory. Maybe that is why some of the providers modernize at least the categories of their products, especially if they specialize on mobile security, and now, they rename their products, using terms “antimalware” etc., which are more logical for mobile devices.

So, we can answer the question, whether an Android device needs protection or not, in a positive way. Definitely, if you want your device to be safe, and information that you keep there, available only for you and those people, with whom you are willing to share it, then you better look for a proper antivirus and antimalware product. Which one to select, depends only on you. There is a huge choice of free and paid applications, and the first ones do not differ much from the second ones.

But, doesn’t matter if you want to have a paid or a free version, make sure, that the selected product provides the following services, otherwise your safety and the safety of your information will be compromised.

Features that are necessary for an antivirus for Android

1. It shall scan all aps in the real time mode, otherwise, the protection doesn’t have any effect.

2. It shall be able to schedule the scan of memory and memory cards of the phone.

3. It shall be able to perform blocking of SMS and phone calls.

4. It shall provide a webshield, which protects from different kind of malware, for example, a spyware etc.

5. If your device offers such an option, install and activate a firewall.

6. Select the product that provides at least two apps pin-protection, for a free version, but the paid versions normally offer an unlimited number of pin-protections.

7. If it is a paid product, it shall include such functions, as remote data recovery, ad-detection feature, geo-fencing ability.

Based on these features, and the feedback of the users, you can select a solution, that suits your needs most of all. But still, there are leaders in the market, which, for some reasons, have gained the top positions and are regarded as the most reliable ones. Here, we are going to check, what those solutions are and what they offer.

Top 10 security products for Android

360 Security

One of the most trusted security solutions. This is a free application for Android. And even though this application is free, it is loaded of features, among which are all above mentioned. One of the best features is the option to protect any application by a password. Like this, you do not need to hide or block your phone, it is just to select, what shall be kept in secret.


This is one of the most popular options for a PC, maybe that’s why it gained popularity by Android users so fast. It transferred its reliability and usability to Android, too, and moreover, it is a free application. Real time scanning, device protection, task killing – these are the basic features that you get with this product. In general, there are present all features, that are needed for a complete protection from viruses, spyware, malware etc.

AndroHelm Mobile Security

This application is less famous, probably, because it is developed exclusively for Android devices. But it doesn’t make it worse. Mostly it focuses on a device protection in real time mode. But it also offers application scanning during it downloading, mode known as quarantine, possibility to block your device remotely, delete information from it in case of theft, and many other, which are specific rather for a mobile than for a PC. And once more, this app isn’t so popular in general, but due to its targeted development, it can be more useful and efficient, than any other, a more universal, security product.

Avira Antivirus Security

This application is a relatively new in the market, but it gained its reputation as a good and reliable antivirus product for a PC as well as for Android, quite fast and efficiently. It offers real time scanning and protection, and even scans the externally attached SDs. Moreover, there are included anti-theft feature, some blacklisting options, admin device option. And the more you like it, because all this is offered as a free version, though, if you want more advanced features, for a quite modest fee you can get even that.


Bitdefender is one of the leaders in the antivirus solutions market, that is why it can afford offering only paid versions. Though, you can try out its 14-days trial period, if you haven’t worked with that earlier. Bitdefender offers a perfect detection of any viruses and malware, thanks to its AV-TEST, but moreover, what makes it more and more popular and trusted, is the thing, that this product is perfectly synchronised with smartwatches that work on Android platform. And besides of all testing, scanning, detection features, it gives an alert when you go too far from your phone, so that you can lose of forget it.

Lookout Mobile Security

On protection of your Android device. This application is perfect in detection all kinds of all malicious programs and removing them. BUT as it uses the battery very fast, you may perform regular scanning, but not running it all time. Well, we would say, that it is a good application for those who do not a constant real time protection.


This is a very special application. As developers call it, it is an application with a philosophy. It was developed especially for mobile applications, to protect them from malware and viruses that threaten mobile devices. And this is what TrustGo really does. It also offers the services of a privacy guard. It means, that you will have to give a permission to each application that wants to run. And of course, it cannot be imagined without some additional features, like find-my-phone function, data backup and some others. It doesn’t take up too much resources, and this application is absolutely free.

Avast Mobile Security

A leader in the market. Avast is an acknowledged antivirus product, which is well known as a great antivirus solution for a PC. It offers a free version as well as paid versions, depending on which exactly features you want to get with this app. The basics are the real time scanning, anti-theft feature, remote blocking function, and many more. If you are a professional and have been working with such kind of software for a while, you can create something, that will suit you ideally, by adding other features, like remote SMS, data backup and data recovery, app blocking and many other. But you shall remember, that this application is the one that takes up much memory, and the more features you apply, the heavier it is.

CM Security

One of the most trusted security products for Android. Actually, this was one of the very first security products, available for Android. Moreover, it was one of those free option, that still offer a good set of features, basically, all that is needed to keep a mobile safe. And it also offers one of the best ever available app locks, in some versions, even fingerprints can be used. And it not only blocks the phone, but takes photos of those who try to get access to the phone without authorization. It is quite a lightweight, and that is why, in addition to all the offered features, it is a very popular application.

Dr Web Security Space

Dr Web started with the mobile applications three years ago. At start, it was a simple security product, but, within a very short time, it grew into one of the most powerful presence in the market of security products for mobile devices. With it, you can perform express scanning, if you need to make sure quickly, that your mobile is fine, or to perform a full system scanning. And of course, it provides the full protection against viruses and malware, moreover, it has a feature to protect by attaching an external SD card. If that is not enough, you can get with this application a remote lock feature, a spam protection, cloud scanning and even an active firewall. The number of features is more than impressive, but this is what Dr Web is famous for. This is without doubt one of the most powerful security products, and what is not less important, it doesn’t slow down your device at all.



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