Submit product PAD file

You can upload links to your software products PAD files onto this page for the purpose of their subsequent publication on our website.

PAD® is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to on-line sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both shareware authors and webmasters.

We would also like to direct your attention that our website operates on the pre-approval basis, so your software assets will become available in our catalog only after they are carefully inspected by TopRatedApp website moderators who will make sure they conform to our standards and do not contain any malicious software code. This process may and usually takes a long time because we are constantly experiencing quite a large publication queue of all products. Should you want to speed up this process, or have some interesting suggestions for our cooperation, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to have your PAD file accepted by our system and your company and product posted on our website portal, a number of conditions should be met:

  1. Any kind of spam is strictly forbidden.
  2. Your product has to be unique. PAD files, containing non-unique products, will be removed from our system.
  3. Each new product version has to be unique. A detailed description of the changes, implemented in the new product version, should also be available.
The repeated violation of these rules will result in your products blocking, and consequently, your account will be blocked as well. If you agree to these terms and conditions, please use the form below to send us your PAD file for moderation.