The Topratedapp Awards recognizes the greatest companies, developers and products from across the computer industry.

Product, company or developer placed on our website, can be awarded as follows:

Users’ Choice


Our website users have left at least 10 positive reviews for the product, and the average score is greater than or equals 4 points with 5 points possible. The award is not permanent, but can be withdrawn if the average score drops below 4.

Editor's Choice


Our website editors have been so impressed with the product features that they decided to mark it with this award. It is awarded at the editor’s sole discretion, based on their own experiences and feelings while working with this product.

Top Developer


This mark is awarded to companies or developers, presented on our website, by Topratedapp editorial team at their sole discretion, based on their own experiences and feelings while working with the company’s products.

Virus Free


This mark is awarded exclusively to those products which have been tested for viruses by Topratedapp own anti-virus system, as well as by the internationally renowned service VirusTotal. That kind of combination guarantees our website users’ absolute security while using the software, presented in our catalog, and awarded this mark. We would like to draw your special attention to some cases when some anti-virus systems consider product files to be infected. In such a case, we conduct a thorough investigation, ask the software developers and anti-virus company which detected the virus for comments, and if it appears to be false positive, we, in our turn, mark this kind of threat as False Positive. Where at least one False Positive case is available, this product is not awarded the Virus Free mark.