What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files which are stored on your computer machine or mobile computing device by a website’s server, and exclusively relevant server shall retrieve or decipher their contents. Each separate cookie is unique for the browser. It includes secret information like a unique identifier and the website’s address, name, some symbols and numeric data. Cookies help any website to store user’s customization preferences or what appears to be in the shopping cart or a favorites list. website also takes advantage of cookies to store the necessary information about our visitors' customization preferences just to enhance our visitor’s experience while using our website. Any customer is able to decide whether to allow or turn off cookies, selecting relevant settings in a web browser. However one must keep in mind that by turning off cookies some website functionalities will be unavailable.

Our website uses such kinds of cookies:

  • UI Customization cookies allowing our website to store customers’ setting throughout all the website pages (e.g. language), not connected to other persistent identifiers
  • Technical cookies: this kind of cookies is utilized for certain functions provision, like reading customers’ data input when filling in online forms, monitoring items selected by users while clicking on an icon or a button, maintaining website services, storing technical data necessary for video or audio playback, or social media plug-ins integration
  • Cookies used for authorized user identification when logging on the website pages requiring such identification/authentication. Such cookies are necessary to access the restricted content and services, as well as for user identification and authentication
  • Analytic cookies (generated by Google or ComScore): such cookies are utilized for the website visits, users by geography and navigation time analyses. These cookies are downloaded and kept by the Analytical Service Providers directly onto their servers. Such kind of cookies is used anonymously for website statistic reports preparation with no individual users’ identification
  • Cookies for advertising: our website is Google AdSense program member taking advantage of user-oriented ads on our website, based on customers’ prior visits to different websites. Google's DoubleClick cookies provide our website and partners with advertising based on users’ visits to our website and/or other internet resources. Customers may turn off DoubleClick cookies by visiting . As an alternative, it is possible to turn off third party user-oriented cookies for advertising by visiting also retains the right to use other advertising services (beyond Google AdSense), and their privacy policy can always be found and studied on their respective websites. The majority of these services are members of the Network Advertising Initiative. Our visitors may turn off behavioral advertising cookies by visiting

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free of charge service supplied by Google Inc. The service aims at receiving statistics on websites’ visitors. This data usually holds IP addresses, their geographical aspects, recollection of web pages visited, ways of webpage visits, and computer peculiarities, like the operating system and web browser. Google Analytics resort to cookies to properly operate. Such cookies are stored on the specific user computer along with the webpage coding, compiling the information on users and transferring it to Google servers for handling.

Once our customers decide to turn off Google Analytics, they can do it by visiting and change the appropriate settings.

By accepting cookies a visitor agrees to eventual sensitive data handling for already mentioned purposes, international transfers, and ties. In the case visitors to our website disagree to such personal data processing, they can refuse cookies. Our website users can exercise their rights to access, change, accept or refuse cookies by visiting the address mentioned above.