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Changes to this Agreement

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Topratedapp.com retains the right to terminate or suspend any website profiles with no prior explicit notifications in the case of sufficient doubts about such accounts data accuracy or in the case of certain person’s being banned from our website accessing or in the case when it seems advisable for our website’s correct operation and safety ensuring.

If any user is a software assets owner and has a desire to have them withdrawn from Topratedapp.com, please contact our support via the contact form provided. We will then come in touch with you as soon as possible to conduct such user’s identity verification, and in the case the verification is successful, such requests will be solved within the nearest 72 hours.

Liability Disclaimer

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Topratedapp.com makes the data, services, and products available on this website “AS IS”, without any guarantees whatsoever. All implied warranties and all express warranties, including warranties of merchantability and aptitude for specific purposes, and non-infringement of proprietary rights are hereby disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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In case you are not satisfied with this website, or any part of it, your exclusive remedy shall be to stop using this website.


Topratedapp.com exists for software development, consideration, actualization, implementation and novelty purposes (the “Purpose”). Topratedapp.com presents technology news, tools and software assets, as well as provides enlightenment for the communities of software developers and IT specialists.

All software codes, texts, concepts, software, music, sound, information, data, ideas, graphics, photographs, video, messages, notes, trademarks, service marks, or any other materials whatsoever (collectively “Content”), be they publicly posted or privately transmitted, shall be the sole liability of the person or company from whom such Content came from. This signifies that solely the user, and not Topratedapp.com, is fully responsible for all the Content that they post, email, upload, or transmit otherwise via the website. It is prohibited to transmit the Content, conduct or take part in any practices on the website that, in the opinion of Topratedapp.com, are plausible to be forbidden by law in any pertinent cognizance. Encryption of software governing, technology export, obscenity transmission, or intellectual property permissible uses laws are also included. Topratedapp.com retains the right, in its sole and unconditional discretion, to deny or permanently remove any Content at any time. Topratedapp.com reserves the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to deny or remove any Content reasonably considered to infringe this Agreement or considered to be otherwise illegal or does not correspond to the Purpose. Topratedapp.com, in its sole and unconditional discretion, may retain Content and may also reveal Content if demanded to do so by law or judicial or governmental instrument of power or in the case of any reasonable determination by Topratedapp.com in order to protect the rights, belongings, or website users’ private security and public safety.

There is no requirement for our website users to use the whole range of offered services. Topratedapp.com reserves the right (but not the obligation) to archive the original Content and create a new copy of the Content selected, organized, and presented by Topratedapp.com in order to assist community access to the Content, in case the users created the Content on our website but opt to issue further Content via alternative existing websites instead. This copy of selected, organized, and presented Content lies within the sole discretion of Topratedapp.com, and is subject to include updates and/or a subset and/or a superset of the Content published by the user elsewhere.

We shall not guarantee the precision, integrity or quality of the Content, as we shall not superintend such Content published on the website. Under no conditions Topratedapp.com shall be responsible in any way for any Content, including, but not limited to, responsibility for any flaws or negligence in any Content or for any hypothetic loss or harm of any type caused due to the use of any Content published, sent via email or otherwise transmitted by means of the website. Every user, while using the website, may be exposed to some insulting, obscene or unpleasant Content. Every user is expected to evaluate the Content in their own discretion, and bear all risks related to any Content use, also implying precision, perfection, or adequacy of such Content.

Upon forwarding or delivering the Content to us, or upon publishing such Content at any website page, you accord us and our authorized representatives a universal, unexceptional, sub-licensable (via multiple tiers), transferable, royalty-free, lifelong, irrevocable right to connect, reproduce, distribute (by means of multiple tiers), adjust, produce derivatives, publicly carry out and demonstrate, digitally perform or otherwise use such Content in any media now existent or developed in future. You hereby authorize the Company to put your logo, trademarks and company name on a display via the website, in print media and other public publications or filing documents. Keep in mind that directing the Content to the website, you confirm you possess the authority to accord such rights to the website. Please mind that you retain all copyrights, trademarks and service marks in any, submitted by you, content.

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Topratedapp.com accepts no responsibility for inspecting and monitoring our website for improper content or behavior.


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