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We are searching for software experts that are willing to enter into cooperation with us in writing reliable computer programs reviews. They will be published on, accompanied by descriptions and technical specifications of the software. In exchange for the content, we offer up to $15 for each published review.

How does it work? It's easy!

  1. Sign up on
  2. Contact us and get software for review.
  3. Send the review for approval.
  4. Receive money.

How to Write a Good Review?

Use correct English

We only accept reviews written in flawless English. Spelling, grammar and incorrect use of language is unacceptable, so before you send your review read it twice and check it.

Refrain from duplicating

We pay only for an original text which has never been published on the web. Each review is verified by dedicated software that will detect any duplicated sentence. Remember that the review is your personal opinion. Copying an existing review misses the point entirely.

Write like a professional

The program review must be useful and informative. Whilst writing, be aware of your audience and their interests. Try to include information that will help them decide whether this particular program is useful to them or not. Focus on key functions and describe them clearly using professional and technical language that can be understood by everyone. Support your points with facts based on your specific experience.

Write according to a plan

All reviews must have a proper structure which will assist in the presentation of a logical argument. The following elements should be included:

  1. Review title
  2. Seo title
  3. Product review(installation, user interface, main functions, evaluation and support etc.) 1,8-2k words
  4. Review short discription 200-250 symbols(Meta Description)
  5. Important keywords - 150-200 symbols
  6. Pros Cons- Pros Cons of the product
  7. Summary - a brief description and general conclusions