Powerful Tool For Creating And Editing PDF Files

The verdict is clear. Soda PDF is a brilliant tool that can be used for all works related to PDFs. It is fast, compact and safe. The free edition gives a good idea about the product and then, depending on the requirements, a purchase of the paid tools can be made. If it is PDF, then Soda PDF has it all covered.
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Powerful Tool For Creating And Editing PDF Files

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it was developed in the early 1990's as a way to share computer documents, including text formatting and inline images. With the rise of the World Wide Web and the active exchange of data and files over a network, PDF has become one of the most important file format in existence. In businesses too, PDF has become a got format for file storing and file exchange.

However, to view a PDF document one requires a software that can read, interpret and correctly display the PDF document. This means that a device must have a specialized software installed that could read a PDF document. In the modern setting however, merely being able to read the PDF documents in not enough. One wants the ability to create and modify PDF documents in addition to being able to read them.

For all PDF related needs, one need not look much beyond Soda PDF, a complete tool that covers everything that one might need while working with PDF's. The resources provided are useful and easy to handle. More over, Soda PDF makes your documents available to you anywhere you want them, thank to its seamless cloud integration. This prevents the need to have duplicate copies of the same document in multiple devices. It also makes is easier to handle PDF's in case there is some modification made to the documents.

Soda PDF does more than just offer PDF reader tools. Its features are numerous. Some of them are as follows:


This is perhaps the most basic of features offered by Soda PDF. As PDF reader, it obviously allows one to read PDF documents, but here too Soda PDF has managed to bring in some innovation and creativity. Soda PDF offers a variety of viewing options like continuous, facing or 3D View. Soda PDF does not stop at just PDF's. The viewer also has the feature of opening ePub and Comic files(.cbz/.cbr) formats. This enhances the versatility of the tool and makes the tool truly worthy of becoming the regular PDF tool. The documents can be viewed in the 3D format which has a unique page flipping technology, which gives the user the feel of reading from a real book. It is truly an experience that is engrossing. There are also feature that allow an user to search, navigate, zoom, rotate and bookmark the pages in the document. It is an essential feature that is not available in many PDF tools, so it isn't any surprise that Soda PDF is one of the best PDF tools in existence.


In the modern setup, it comes as no surprise that we want to create PDF's just as likely as we are to read from them. Most PDF tools allow for the creation of PDF from only a select list of file types, but Soda PDF vastly increases the scope of file types from which PDF documents can be created. Nearly 300 file types are supported by Soda PDF for file conversion. Soda PDF allows the liberty to create PDF's from the print menu of any app, a blank page, an image or directly from a scanner. There is no other tool in the market that offers such versatility as far as PDF's are concerned. All this is in addition to the ability to batch create multiple PDFs at the same time.


One of the most important functionality of a PDF tool is the ability to convert a PDF into different formats for editing or reading. One essential requirement for converting a PDF is that there should be no loss of data or accuracy after conversion. This accuracy is where most other PDF tools fail miserably since different file formats have a different data arrangement process and this may create inconsistencies. Soda PDF nicely avoids all the pitfalls of the other tools while providing a seamless interface for converting PDF's into many popular file formats like documents, texts, RTF, Excel, Power Points, Image and even HTML format. There is also the option to batch convert multiple files, all at a single go.


Editing PDFs can be a handy feature in any tool. Soda PDF enables one to add, move or even edit the text in the PDF file. It has all the tools needed to alter fonts, font sizes and font styles. There also it the feature to reorder, move, delete or even extract pages from a single document. Finally there is a tool which allows the user to split a single PDF document into multiple PDF documents along with measurement tools like ruler and grid.


Often there is felt a need organize and manage documents to better suit ones need. It enables the user to insert pages, page numbers and links into the PDF document. Soda PDF lets one add images, or edit them by cutting, cropping and even altering the image resolution to suit the needs of the user. Adding a watermark to PDF files can be a handy tool and Soda PDF has this front covered as well. If there is a need to include 'Headers and Footers' in the PDF file, Soda PDF has that covered as well.


Adding annotations and comments to the document as a reference to possible edits to be made in the document is also supported in Soda PDF. It does not stop there. There is option to include comments, stickers notes and stamps. There is a new whiteout tool included in the Soda PDF tool to erase elements in the document. Marking the documents by using highlighting, underline and strike through features are also accessible in Soda PDF. Shapes such as arrows and stars can be added to documents. A pencil tool is also provided to scribble notes in the documents. There is a feature to automatically compare documents and highlight difference in content and much more.


Soda PDF allows us to create and design form elements such as invoices, surveys and personalized forms. Be it text boxes, buttons, labels, check boxes or any other field, Soda PDF has the tools to add them onto the PDF document. There also is an option add a Submit, Email or a Print button. Small scripts can be added to these form elements which tell the software how to react when a user interacts with the form element. All these help in making Soda PDF documents much more intuitive and lively.

Secure and Sign

In an era where online security is becoming a pressing issue and it is becoming more and more important to encrypt the data in files being transferred online due to the possibility of online theft, Soda PDF provides novel and secure methods to protect the data in the documents. One major feature is the ability to create a digital certificate for approving and signing of documents. Digital signatures can be easily created and managed by Soda PDF. There is also a redaction feature that lets the user to permanently black out confidential information. This may come handy when certain documents are being released to the public but there is a need to block certain data. Redaction is an easier alternative to implement rather than having to edit the document and creating a PDF of the edited document again. Soda PDF also supports a 256 bit AES password encryption of the PDF files secured with it. This form of encryption is very hard to crack and this ensures that the data in the PDF document remains safe even if it accidentally lands up in the wrong hands. A PDF can also be granted a database like permission level access. This ensures that although a file may be available to a large number of people, only a person with the right level of authorization will be access, view and modify the contents of the file. Recently, Soda PDF added a new feature wherein one can digitally co-sign a PDF document and also remove a signature to modify the document. Soda PDF has thus really ensured security and flexibility through its remarkable tools.


Optical Character Recognition feature in Soda PDF can turn any file, image or scanned document into a fully editable file. This feature vastly increases the scope for where Soda PDF can be used. By adding a basic office requirement into its list of offered services, Soda PDF promises be a big market player, no doubt in that. Soda PDF uses the award winning I.R.I.S OCR technology to seamlessly transform images and scanned documents into editable PDFs. This technology can recognize text automatically and also within images. There is also a feature to batch recognize text in multiple documents simultaneously.


Digital signing of documents is a necessary requirement in the business world today. Many transactions rely actively on signing of documents and Soda PDF provides within itself a tool that can achieve this. It also allows for tracking the status of the documents that are sent for signing. All this is provided along with the ability to create layouts and templates for future use.

Soda PDF Online

At the time where accessibility is a key feature, Soda PDF offers integration with a wide range of cloud services to keep your documents within reach at all times. Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Box, all are supported by Soda PDF. It also provides the added flexibility of not having to individually modify the document in all devices that it exist. Simply syncing to the cloud will reflect all changes to the devices. This feature is extremely essential for all those who are frequently travelling and have to continously work on different devices.

While those were the feature on offer by Soda PDF, they are by not any means the only ones on offer. Many of the above said features have their own set of modified functionality which further raises the standard of the PDF tool offered by the Soda PDF. While it is true that Soda PDF is an online tool, that does in no way prevent it from being used in smartphone devices. In fact Soda PDF has specialized apps for all major smartphone os, which offer the same quality and features as the online tool.

As far as pricing is concerned, Soda PDF offers their services for tailored for a variety of purposes and charge accordingly. The basic application for viewing and creating PDF documents is offered free of charge. This is primarily the most widely used feature as common PDF uses rarely exceed beyond the basic uses. However, as productivity comes into picture, Soda PDF offers its Home Edition at a price of $4 per month. This is billed annually and provides access to all features except some specialized features like OCR reading and digital signing of documents. The Premium Edition of Soda PDF costs $7 monthly and it provides all the above said features along with the ability to create and use custom font styles. There is also a Business Edition costing $10 monthly which offers unlimited online sign-in into Soda PDF. Also, users have the ability to purchase the application at a discounted price. For all the features and the range of productivity that Soda PDF brings onto the table, its pricing appears more than fair.

Apart from all the features available, all customers who pay for the service get access to free customer support and access to the full range of features provided by the web and desktop apps.

  • Modern and Flexible interface
  • Wide range of functionality like editing, modification, merging, forms and E-Signs
  • Active Support Team that is fast and efficient
  • Good and Modern standards of file security used
  • Online tool is accessible from any device and from anywhere
  • Cloud Integration improves productivity
  • In my opinion, there is nothing in Soda PDF that might be a cause of issue or worry. It does what is expected of it and more.


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Powerful Tool For Creating And Editing PDF Files

The verdict is clear. Soda PDF is a brilliant tool that can be used for all works related to PDFs. It is fast, compact and safe. The free edition gives a good idea about the product and then, depending on the requirements, a purchase of the paid tools can be made. If it is PDF, then Soda PDF has it all covered.
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